Mensbar is going to be renamed as ‘Luther’s’

It’s a reference to MLK

The Student Union bar ‘Mensbar’ is to be renamed ‘Luther’s’, it was announced on Thursday.

The name change comes as a result of a long-winded campaign to get rid of the original name, which was deemed to have sexist connotations.

Campaigners said that the name was a reference to the bar’s ‘male only’ policy in the 1960s, as well as confusing modern day students in to thinking that the bar is a place for just for men.

Newly-named Luther’s

The name Mensbar was meant to have been a reference to the university slogan, ‘Mens Agitat Molem’ (Mind Over Matter).

The new name ‘Luther’s’, decided by a student vote, is a reference to Newcastle’s most famous alumni, Dr. Martin Luther King, who received an honorary doctorate in 1968.

Urban Planning third-year Ed said: ‘After years of talk, it’s good to see that the Union are finally doing something about it.’

History third-year Charlie said: ‘I think that calling it Luther’s isn’t that bad, but the fact that it’s been changed is ridiculous. It’s not a ‘men’s bar’, I think everyone knows that.’