Every reason living in Newcastle is better than living in London

Firstly, you can’t get cheese chips and gravy down there

Newcastle has long been known to be the true gem of the North East – but why stop there? Surely it’s the best city this country has to offer. And in case you were in any doubt, here’s why:

They don’t have cheese, chips and gravy in London

Starting with the most important point, barely anywhere serves gravy on chips. And if they do it’s just not the same. London is yet to experience the true wonder of gravy-drenched chips and stringy cheese.

You can walk pretty much anywhere within 40 minutes

Newcastle is known as “the 15 minute city”, everything is packed into a small area. All the quality without the quantity.

And the metro is way better than the Tube

Not only is it less than half the price for a monthly pass, the metro is also more spacious, less busy and largely overground. The Tube, on the other hand, is cramped and full of angry Londoners.

Newcastle United is top of the league

And St James’ Park is an amazing stadium. Next season? Hello, promotion.

 The rent is cheaper

According to Numbeo.com, rent can be up to 222 per cent more expensive for the same place in London as you could get in Newcastle.


Not only are there more Greggs in Newcastle than any other city in the country, but we love it so much that we opened a Greggs across the road from another Greggs.

The railway was invented here

Geordie George Stephenson, also known as the “Father of Railways” built the first intercity rail line, and people would travel to Newcastle from all over the world. It’s thought he’s the reason people from Newcastle are called Geordies, as it started in the mid-19th Century.

Nights out are way cheaper

One word: trebles.

And so is a pint

The average pint in London is £4 – in Newcastle you can get pints for as cheap as a couple of quid – for example £2 Tuesday at Bar Blanc on Osborne road in Jesmond.

The brunches at Ernest

You haven’t lived till you’ve had an Ernest brunch down in Ouseburn. You can also dance for free until 2am every Sat, and often on Fridays too. They also do Tango sessions, Drink and Draw, Film nights and Cosmology lectures – mostly for free.


The place dreams are made and broken. The light up dancefloor and the poles – what more could you want?

The Diamond Strip

Literally all the clubs you need within a five minute walk of one another. The Koos Comples, Perdu, Tup Tup – the list goes on. And there are events on every night.

Heaton is full of amazing cafes and restaurants

You haven’t lived till you’ve had a Heaton Bake falafel wrap.

The people are friendlier

The first thing you here on arrival in Newcastle is ‘Alreet, pet?’. Whereas in London, you’re more likely to get a shoulder barge and a grunt.

If you ask someone for directions, they literally will walk you to your destination, even if it’s out of their way.

The music scene

From Cosmic Ballroom to Digi, you can see every good DJ going and sometimes for as little at £3.

The people are beautiful

Walk around town on a Saturday afternoon and you will be met immaculate people. Hair curled to perfection, eyelashes in place and sky-high heels, Geordies do Saturdays properly.

They’re also more fun

Fast-forward ten hours, and the scene at Bigg Market is carnage. If there’s one thing Geordies know, it’s how to have a laugh.

We have Charlotte from Geordie Shore

Wylam brewery

Wylam’s is know as one of the most popular boutique brewers in the UK (there’s more to us than Newcastle Brown!). Nestled in Exhibition Park next to the lake, it also puts on art and music events, along with food fairs. It used to be a disused Military Museum.

Jimi Hendrix used to live in Heaton

Only “the greatest guitarist of all time”, according to the Rolling Stone.

The Sage

This weird bubble building on the edge of the Tyne, Gateshead side, is not only a landmark but an amazing music venue too.

Alan Shearer lives here now

The man himself.

We’re near the sea

Hop on the metro or jump in the car, and you can be at the beach within 15 minutes.

Tynemouth beach or Whitley Bay have stunning views and some of the meanest fish and chips in the country.

Contrary to popular belief, we do get sun

If you don’t believe me ask my mate Sarah.

Pie, peas and pint in the Red House every Wednesday

You’d be a fool to miss it.

We’ve got the Angel of the North looking over us

Driving up the M1, once you see the Angel of the North you know you’re nearly at the Toon.

Cheryl Cole is from here

Sorry, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. She was born in Newcastle in 1983 and shot to fame as a member of Girls Aloud out of Pop Idol. She grew up in Walker and always bangs on about her love for Jackie’s Chinese in Heaton.

We have the best Pitcher & Piano in the country

Seriously have you seen it? It has a whole wall made of glass, looking out over the Tyne River. There are 17 other P&Ps in the country, but none compare to ours.

Ant & Dec

Literally everyone’s favourite duo.

VIZ was created here

This iconic magazine was set up in Wallsend, in 1979.

Dub inna Pub at the Tanners Arms

Every Wedensday Tanners opens its doors and plays out some classic DnB. On their website, they say they’re, “A PROPER GOOD PUB THAT PLAYS REALLY GOOD MUSIC AND DISHES UP SOME AMAZING SCRAN”.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

A multi-coloured ever changing spectacle. It tilts to let boats go under and links Newcastle to Gateshead.

 The Tyne Bridge

There was literally a rave in there on New Year’s Eve.

 If you don’t believe me, then here’s Gary to back me up