Police issue warning after students intimidated on the way home from Robbo

The suspect is approaching lone women and intimidating them

Northumbria Police have told students to be vigilant after a man has been reportedly approaching lone female students on their way home from uni causing “alarm and distress.”

The incidents took place between 8:00 and 8:30pm on Wednesday 8th near the Robinson Library and the underpass leading to Jesmond.

The suspect has been described as white male, 35 – 45 years old, 5’9-5’10 tall, petite build with a belly, short black hair with facial stubble, wearing jeans and a knitted jumper.

The police report that CCTV footage appears to show the suspect approach a lone female and engage her in conversation, which caused her to become alarmed and distressed.

Newcastle University sent an email at around 6:30pm on Thursday 9th to all its students making them aware of the situation.

Northumbria Police are requesting contact from any person who may have witnessed the incident or have been approached by this male, please ring 101 to contact the Police.