EXCLUSIVE: Ill! Behaviour will be hosting an end-of-exams party at Digital

Amine Edge & DANCE are headlining on 27th January

The Tab can exclusively reveal that Ill! Behaviour will be shuffling up the road to Digital for their XL party on Friday 27th January.

The event, which is yet to be released will have Amine Edge & Dance, DJ S.K.T and Jamie Duggan playing, to celebrate the end of semester one exams.

Gabe, founder of Ape-X, told The Tab: “The end of exams is always a huge Friday, so we have upscaled and taken on one of favourite clubs, Digital. But not to worry we will be bringing our friendly vibes, ice cannons and the smiley face balloons with us.”

Luke, a Northumbria grad who now helps to run Ape-X events, says: “Theres a whole host of massive acts that, as much as we’d love to bring to Cosmic on a Tuesday, we simply can’t. So we’re bringing some of those to Digital to help celebrate one of the best times of the student calendar, the end of January exams!”

The rest of their Autumn/Winter 2017 lineup will feature the likes of Richie Steedman, Lee Walker and Kideko, for £3 every Tuesday in Cosmic.