A Newcastle third-year was hit on by The Governess on The Chase last night

He told The Tab: ‘What more can a guy want?’


A Newcastle history student was flirted with by the infamous Governess whilst he was a contestant on The Chase in last night’s episode.

Third-year Tom Shah had just managed to bring an impressive £3,000 back to his teammates, when the often nicknamed ‘Frosty Knickers’ Chaser, Anne Hegerty, confessed her attraction to him.

Tom came about appearing on The Chase after a drunken application at the start of his second year.

He said: “I forgot all about it until they sent me an email around February saying ‘Do you still want to be on?'”

You can watch the cheeky chat up line here:

Anne, who is nicknamed The Governess on the show, told Tom he was “ridiculously cute”, prompting host Bradley Walsh to tell the bemused student: “Yuck! Tom, run.”

Many people took to Twitter to voice their own opinions on tasty Tom.

And he also seemed flattered by Anne’s advances.

“To be honest, what more can a guy want than to be hit on by such a celebrity? It was pretty awkward, mostly because I think my teammate Ian probably got a bit jealous.”

He added: “I’ve had plenty of date offers and marriage proposals on Twitter from it all, so I now have an interesting selection. Anne is probably the least scary.”

Tom wants to continue his quiz show celebrity romances.

“Apparently Pointless aren’t accepting applications, which is a bit of a kick in the teeth. It’s like being ignored on Tinder.”