Meet Rose Hinds: Newcastle’s Bachelorette of the Year

Officially your fresher queen

The results are in and, after a term of carefully scouting out talent for the fittest female fresher, you have chosen your winner.

Rose Hinds has been crowned Newcastle’s 2016 Bachelorette of the Year. Her brunette locks and dark brown eyes clearly captivated our voters and rocketed Rose into first place. Rose secured 23% share of the results and with 276 votes, outranked many other nominees. Marina Vidal came in at second place with 260 votes, demonstrating that our Newcastle voters look for brunette locks and international spice.

Pure perfection

Rose said to The Tab: “I’ve followed my dreams, but now you should follow my Instagram.”

Rose is still available, but catch her while you can – she won’t be around for long. Considering her hobbies include alcohol and boys, get down to those trebz bars quick to find our Irish Rose. You’ll find her out n about in Trop and Swingers: maybe she’ll Swing your way, you’ll never know unless you try.