These are the best budget supermarket products around

You don’t have to spend a fortune

With Christmas approaching and most of us at the very end of the loan, serious budgeting must commence so I have compiled a list of the best supermarket value products to help you through. Thank me later.


Red wine

Every student needs a value red in their life to take to dinner parties and pretend they’re sophisticated. Here are two I can highly recommend, and have a price tag you can’t say no to.

Sainsbury’s House Torla Rioja, coming in at £4.50.

This smooth and easy-drinking wine will go down a treat with any red wine lover.

Tesco Australian Red, at £3.95

This wine is a little harder to drink, slightly bitter, but for that price you can’t really complain.

It’s going straight in my basket


Tesco Spanish Rosé, £3.50.

posing with pride

“It all tastes the same after the first glass.” Will, third year.

Winter warmer
Tesco’s own brand Tuscan bean soup, 45p.

“Amazing.” Yasmin, second year.


Sainsburys own brand tea bags
“It’s a little known fact that Sainsbury’s own brand tea is actually better than any of the larger labels like Yorkshire Tea and Tetley’s. I orchestrated a blind taste test and Sainos took the prize by a country mile.” –  Bella, graduate.

Hungover heaven

A firm favourite for any hungover student should be the Sainsbury’s own frozen pizzas, coming in at just £1. You can choose from five tantalising flavours: sweet chilli chicken, pepperoni, margherita, vegetable (never seen this one in store), or hawaiian.

Dinner for two? £2.

To take your pizza to the next level, simply sprinkle dried herbs before putting in the oven.

“I can’t believe the flavour they achieve!”- Ed, third year.

Tesco garlic flatbread, £2.

“It’s sooo tasty and is really good value. I’d recommend to everyone.” – Elliot, third year.

So there you have it. My list of tried and tested brand own favourites. Go forth and try for yourself.