Christian Union’s Text-a-Toastie returns

Praise Jesus

The Christian Union  will be re-activating their altruistic ways and bringing back Text-a-Toastie on Wednesday.

Text a question about Christianity along with your address to 07506075085 any time between  5:30PM – 7:45PM, and they’ll deliver your toastie. Flavours include Nutella, cheese and ham.

The Union also have plenty of other events this week. On Thursday, there is a talk entitled ‘Can anyone really be free?’ happening from 12-2pm in the Alnwick Room at Newcastle SU.

Later that evening there will be a festival-style gig with live music, plenty of food and a talk entitled ‘This is Freedom.’ Gig-goers are told to meet outside the SU at 7pm for this event.

More information on all events can be found here.