The Geordie Shore cast were ‘booed out of Riverside’ on Saturday night

Someone threw a drink at Marnie

The cast of Geordie Shore were forced to leave Riverside nightclub on Saturday night after a crowd started hurling abuse at them.

The stars, including Gaz Beadle, Marnie Simpson and Aaron Chalmers, were filming for Series 15 of the MTV reality show when the music suddenly stopped.

This led to wild clubbers turning their attention to the celebrities as they began chanting “who the fuck are you?” and “what the fuck is Geordie Shore?”

As the crowd became more rowdy, the cast members were pulled away by security. It is also reported that a drink was pelted towards Marnie Simpson.

One 18-year-old clubber was able to film the events as they unfolded:

He said: “They came into the club like they normally would and were sat in the VIP area.”

“Then the club music system failed and the crowd turned on Geordie Shore just as it looked like the cameramen were setting up an argument to happen.”