Here’s what’s at Jesmond Food Market

Stop festering and get to the Dene

Avoid the dreaded 6pm Sunday feels, when you realise you’ve done absolutely nothing all weekend and are desperately in need of some fresh air.

Head down to the Jesmond Food Market on Armstrong Bridge, the 3rd Saturday of every month. As the wintery days draw in there’s nothing more magical than skipping in the autumn leaves and tasting all the testers the market has to offer.


Look at all this cheese. Yes there were testers, and a large queue.

Fresh sourdough for the weekend? Why not.

Barely able to even get a look in at the Fat Hippo stall, pure goodness oozing in the form of a burger. Wishing I had queue jump.

Beating the hangover with some chilli and chips, authentic touch with the actual horns.

Drunken fudge? Um YES.

Middle-Eastern street food, smelt good but not enough calories for this sub zero day.

Pizza oven-on-wheels. Super delicious handmade pizza.

Brownies and hot chocolate, or both for a fiver. Both.

Good vibes on the bridge.

Looking over my shoulder fondly towards the food market as I stroll off with my bespoke coffee. No ragrets.