Newcastle gyms: The best places to get fit

Burn Baby, Burn

With mince pies hitting the supermarket shelves, the weather becoming chilly A.F. (ditch the salads, I want proper food) and less than a month before we open our chocolate advent calendars, it’s probably not a bad idea to sign up to one of Newcastle’s notorious gyms. But which one to go for…we’ll help you decide.

Pinetree Health & Fitness 

Arguably the most popular gym in Jesmond, Pinetree is a top choice despite being all the way at the bottom of Osborne Ave, on Jesmond Road. Not that its location really matters much as, let’s be honest, the main reason for Pinetree’s fame is its social factor. With almost exactly the same clientele as Bar Blanc, Pinetree works just as well as a Jesmond meet-up spot. If you’ve been busy all day and haven’t seen many of your friends, head down to Pinetree and you’ll be sure to see someone you know.

Who needs girly lunch dates when you have spin classes?

Whether you’re looking to do cardio, weights or a spin class, Pinetree has it all. There’s even mirrors running along the entire length of the walls so you can check yourself out whilst exercising, an activity enjoyed by some much more than others (you’ll know what I mean if you go and stand in the middle of the weights machines).

Everyone can see you checking yourself out in the mirror…just saying.

With numerous classes on offer and a steam room and sauna all included in your membership, it’s clear to see why this is such a BNOC in gym terms. Just don’t bother signing up if you want to go to the gym but “don’t want to see anyone”…because you will.

Liv Makey, 4th year French and Business student, says “I love Pinetree because I bump into all my Tinder matches” – my point exactly.

Student price: £29 per month


Jesmond Community Leisure

With two gyms, a pool, steam room and sauna, Jesmond Pool on St. George’s Terrace is another of our top picks, particularly amongst those living Tesco’s-side of Osborne Road. The gyms may be slightly on the small side, but that doesn’t mean there’s any lack of equipment for your needs. Rowing machines, power plates and kettlebells, you name it, and the treadmills and cross-trainers have TV’s so you can burn cals whilst watching your favourite show, followed by a few lengths in the pool if you can muster enough strength.

A few lengths to cool off…tempting?

Timing is important for members of Jesmond Pool; avoid the pool at all costs during school swimming lessons (you can find the timetable online) as your relaxing evening swim may not be quite as you imagined if you’re surrounded by 50 hyperactive Geordie kids. Using the swimming pool between 8pm-10pm at night is best as its the pool’s “chillout session”, with no lights on except those in the pool you’re sure to have a relaxing and therapeutic time. With everything you need and good value for money, this is definitely a hit if a gym sesh for you means exercising rather than socialising. Also there’s no mirrors…

No one to see me sweaty and red faced…bliss

Madeleine Sherriff, 4th year French, Spanish and Business student says “Jesmond Pool is great because of it’s excellent location, warm and friendly staff, and it has all the facilities that you could need”.

Student price: £27 per month (if you join with a friend)

                        : £20 per month for gym only


David Lloyd


For those looking to take exercise more seriously…no, scrap that…for those looking for extravagance in a gym, David Lloyd is probably the place for you. Just the other side of Jesmond Dean Park (you really need a car to get there unless you fancy a serious pre-workout workout), Jesmond’s poshest gym is popular amongst Geordie gym junkies, yummy mummies, their darling children, and a handful of students who prefer a more upper-class gymming experience.

Rain or shine…anyone for a spot of tennis?

With Squash, Badminton and Tennis courts (indoor and outdoor obviously…), a swimming pool, steam room and sauna, row upon row of swanky gym machinery, not to mention the canteen and beauty salon- technically you could live here. I’ve never considered going to the gym for supper or a haircut but I suppose we could give it a go. David Lloyd also offers numerous classes with extremely frightening names such as Synergy 360 and Grit Strength (yikes), but don’t let this put you off…

Enjoy a well-earned healthy snack at David Lloyd’s DLicious Cafebar

Hattie Dryden, 4th Year Food Marketing and Nutrition, is a loyal member of David Lloyd and says “It’s a very family gym. The swimming pool is often filled with Granny’s doing lengths- but I think it’s worth every penny.”

Student price: £55 per month (Young Adults- Age 18-22)


Newcastle University Gym

Better or worse than a lecture theatre?

A short stroll away from most Halls, the Uni gym is a fresher’s haven, along with the odd 2nd and 3rd years who enjoy the sporty look for lectures. Split between two floors, with cardio downstairs and weights upstairs, it’s the biggest of our top gym picks, with enough hi-tech machines and floor space that you’ll rarely have to wait for a turn on a machine or exercise mat.

Run, fresher, run!

Despite the size, many members would agree that it’s difficult to make full use of this gym due to the whole upstairs floor being taken over by rugby and rowing heart-throbs (Fresher girls- it’ll be worth braving it to go up here, believe me).

If you look closely you might be able to spot a few hunks amidst the machinery

With 26 classes to choose from, there’s something for everyone, including SEVEN different types of yoga- dynamic, forest, power, restorative, yogalates, flow & sport- take your pick! But make sure you don’t miss a class you’ve signed up for…you will be charged.

Tilly Fleming, 1st year Sociology student says “Yeah, we go to the uni gym all the time and we probably go to exercises classes about 3 times a week”.

Student Price: £185 for the year



If it all gets too much you could always nip next door to Tesco…

Part of the Eldon Garden Shopping Centre, PureGym is a popular “in-town” gym choice. The only one of our top picks to be open 24/7, PureGym is a hit among those fitness freaks who prefer lifting weights than downing trebles on a Wednesday night. I attempted, and failed, to make it through the coded revolving doors at the entrance (some exceptionally high security) but PureGym fanatics tell me that what lies beyond is a wide range of impressive gym equipment.

Non-members are apparently not welcome

PureGym boasts 220 different exercise machines and over 50 free classes for members, which is hard to believe considering the remarkably low membership fee. Being a popular choice amongst both students and workers, PureGym is said to be overflowing in the evenings so you may be better to head here between your lectures to avoid rush-hour on the treadmills.

James Perry, 3rd year Geography student describes PureGym as “Cheap, no nonsense, good equipment…and there’s free parking nearby after 5pm”.

Student Price: £15 per month