Newcastle graduate fined for selling alcohol at a house party on Glenthorn Road

He didn’t have a licence

A Newcastle graduate has been fined £566 for selling alcohol without a licence at a house party in Jesmond.

Ben Houston was throwing an end-of-term party at his house on Glenthorn Road in June, when police were called to the party due to serious noise disturbance.

Police immediately saw signs up in the house, selling “Bottles of Budweiser – 3 for £5”, “Bottles of White Wine – £10” and “Bottle of vodka – £10 with free mixer”.

As this suggested that alcohol was being sold or supplied without a licence, Ben pleaded guilty to illegally selling on alcohol in Newcastle magistrates court on Tuesday.

The court also heard that when officers tried to speak to Ben, he verbally abused them.

Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Regulation, Cllr Nick Kemp, said: “I hope this case will act as a deterrent to students or anyone in the city who may be considering hosting a large house party.

“Enjoy your parties but don’t let them get out of control and make other people’s lives a misery, and be aware of what constitutes criminal activity.”

Ben has stated that it was a stupid mistake, that he didn’t understand the consequences, and that his behaviour on the day was unacceptable.