Newcastle Bachelors: The freshers, group two

Just can’t get enough


Yes that’s right, another seven handsome boys have been scouted and lined up for your evaluation.

Here we have some real chiselled cheekbones, some luscious locks, and seriously seductive eyes. Now its up to you to choose who you think should be crowned this year’s ultimate bachelor. Get judging kids.

Here’s group 2.

George Barker, 19, Geography and Business

I think he might be a model?

Relationship Status: Taken

Chat up line: “My girlfriend’s fitter than you.”


James Little, 19, History

How could you say no to that smile

Relationship Status: Single 

Chat up line: “It’s bigger than my name suggests.”


Harry Strudwick, 18, Business Management

Blue steel

Relationship Status: Single

Chat up line: “Chat up lines aren’t my cuppa tea – prefer a wink n a slap on the arse.”


Julius Morgan Giles, 21, Politics

Yeah he’s dope

Relationship status: Taken

Chat up line: “I wanna do to your body what Donald Trump does to poor people.”


Humphrey Bodington, 19, Business Management

He cut his mum out the picture

Relationship Status: Single

Chat up line: “Do you wanna go halfsies on a bastard child?”


Milo Caroll, 19, Architecture

Look into my eyes

Relationship Status: Single

Chat up line: “Do you wanna go upstairs?”


You can nominate a bachelor by clicking here.