A night-by-night guide to Newcastle’s nightlife

This is where you should go, every night from Monday to Sunday every week


It was voted in the top three of The Tab’s best nights out in the UK and for good reason.

Everyone knows that Newcastle is the place to go for a top night out. Cheap clubs, friendly locals and trebles are the perfect recipe for dancing and debauchery at its finest. But probably the main thing that makes Newcastle’s nightlife so epic is the fact there’s a good club night to go to every single day of the week.


Monday night is mostly for the freshers. Realistically you don’t really care if you only get 40% this year and because you never go to lectures, Monday pretty much feels like any other day of the week. There are two types of people to be found on Monday night.

Club Trop in Floritas and House of Smith caters for the kids that are too cool for school, a Monday night safe house for the many rah’s of Newcastle.

On the other end of the scale theres Digi Monday which offers £1 entry before midnight and is full of sing-a-long music and VK’s.

Either way you can all start your night off in trebs bar Mimo’s.


On a Tuesday night the trebles bar that calls your name is probably Bijoux. With a mix of R’n’B and Hip-hop you can happily dance along to ignition while trying to chug one of the three trebs you just bought for 5.50 because you don’t have enough hands to carry three.

After this you can head on down to Waikiki at House of smith, where heels and an abundance of tan isn’t frowned upon.

However, if this isn’t your scene you can always go to Cosmic Ballroom to cut some shapes on the dance floor at Ill! Behaviour.


Yay! You’ve made it to Wednesday and definitely deserve a hump day treat. Wednesday is the day of the notorious sports socials, if this is the case you’ll be getting your warm up drinks at Sam Jacks and then heading over to Tiger Tiger for a night you’d probably rather not remember.

Sports socials definitely aren’t everyone’s cup of tea however and the palace is equally popular on a Wednesday. Empress will sort out your pre party thirst and then over the road for Playground Wednesdays at Tup Tup.


Soho Rooms is the place to go for your pres tonight, grab your blueberry trebs and put on your dancing shoes. After this, Thursday means pretty much one thing – Swingers.

However, its popularity is very visible by the size of the queue leading down Grey street. If you don’t fancy that you can always do a classic Floho evening. Go to Flares after Soho for the old school songs and shout outs from the DJ (beware of agrics).


Friday is the beginning of the weekend which means Newcastle is inundated with Stag and hen dos and all the trebles bars raise their prices. Tonight your best to keep your pres at home and then head down to Feral at Think Tank, above Digital.


If you want to venture out on a Saturday night Sinners still does cheap trebles, but don’t forget your student card! Stick with Stage One and head to the notorious union event Throwback for cheesy tunes and a sticky D-floor.


Newcastle is one of the only places you’ll find a decent night out on a Sunday and it stays busy pretty much all year round. Persistence in Tup Tup on a Sunday is always buzzing with locals and is the perfect opportunity to put your glad rags on and celebrate making it to the end of the week.

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