More guys go to the Robbo than girls

But girls do better in exams

Data released under a Freedom of Information request by Newcastle University shows that more males use the Robinson Library than females.

A recent FOI request submitted by The Tab asked for details of footfall to the biggest library on campus over April, May and June 2016 – the busiest period in the year for the library.

The data also showed that Tuesday is the busiest day of the week, contrary to popular belief that Monday was the busiest day. Saturday is the quietest day, not Sunday.

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The busiest period of the year was the week of 16th May 2016 where on average 7,646 people entered the library each day. The busiest day of 2016 was Monday 16th May when there were 8,600 entries into the library.

There were 31 days where there were more than 6,000 entries into the bussiest library on campus.

Hannah, third year Geographer who uses the Robbo over exam periods, said: “That surprises me! I thought there were loads more girls than boys in the library. Maybe now I’m more likely to meet my library boyfriend.”

Over the three busiest months of the year there were 203,453 record of males entering the library and 178,939 entries of females entering. The Uni did say that not all students have a M/F gender on their records.

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The figures released by Newcastle Uni are only people that have used smartcards to enter the library. Newcastle doesn’t record manual entry in a usable form adding those figures are negligible.

The data supplied is not unique visitors, it will include multiple entrances by a single student on a specific day.

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Ed, third year Urban Planner, said: “It’s probably most boys looking for library girlfriends.”

To relieve pressure on the Robbo Newcastle University opened The Marjorie Library in January 2016 which boasts of over 550 new individual study spaces, 220 new computers as well as plenty of space for group study.


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