NUSSC launches biggest social ever by joining forces with theCUT

CUTting edge

Newcastle University Ski & Snowboard Club (NUSSC) is thought to be one of the largest society at Newcastle University. Comprising of over 1,000 members they are known and admired throughout campus.

So it seems appropriate that one of the committee members has launched a new night, Vertigo, aimed at increasing the size of the society whilst trying to promote Newcastle’s very own talent with DJS DEMO and Shalom doing a set.

The society are the big dogs at the Freshers Fair, listening to booming speakers and giving out the best stash – they’re hard to miss. Last year they set a new precedent for the most impressive stunt that a freshers’ fair has ever seen, shipping in over sixty tonnes of snow from SnowZone in Leeds.

Vertigo has its launch party this coming Thursday presented by NUSSC which is expected to be the biggest social the society has ever held. The new night, located in TheCUT, is said to be CUTting edge.

No need to be a skier to attend the event though, nor do you need previous skiing experience to join NUSSC. NUSSC welcome the new, the beginners and the damn right cool.

Heard of Ibiza Rocks? Yeah, me too, resident Patrick Nazemi is headlining the night. Just another thing that adds to the society’s list of cool and another reason to attend the event whether you love the snow or not.

Entry is only a fiver.

NUSSC socials and biyearly ski trips are infamous for wild fun so don’t deny yourself this sort of debauchery on Thursday night.

If you want to find out if you really should join NUSSC, why not take this quiz? But in the meantime the word is out: Vertigo is the shit.

Photo credit – theCUT Facebook