Demolition work starts on Ricky Road

RT if u cried

The first steps towards the destruction of Richardson Road began this week as it makes way for the new Park View Halls.

Pictures released by the university show that the work is well underway on the 44-year old buildings, with some blocks already floored by multiple demolition vehicles.

Ricky rubble

Built in 1972, the more commonly-named ‘Ricky’ was renowned for its shoddy interiors, incestuous blocks and unique party atmosphere. It was announced last year that the rowdy halls had seen its last days and was to be replaced by the new Park View Halls building development.

Many Old Ricky Roadians took to the comments to express their grief at their former home crumbling to the ground.

And the halls came crumbling down

Vicki said: “10E Esther Campbell Court in 1995. Made lasting friendships, really sad to see it being knocked down!”

Others had a more personal connection with the building itself.

Jamie commented: “There’s so much of my spunk in and amongst that rubble.”