Quiz: Which Newcastle society should you join this Freshers’ Week?

The Freshers’ Fair is undoubtedly the sweatiest part of any Freshers’ Week

As Freshers’ Week emerges in front of our summer tans, so do our parents questions about what you are actually going to achieve that is productive this year at university. This sadly does not include downing trebles and attending Digi more than your all-important seminars. What are you going to do to actually get involved?

The Newcastle University Freshers’ Fair is undoubtedly the sweatiest and most daunting part of Newcastle Freshers’ Week. The Freshers Fair forms an opportunity for all freshers and students alike to join societies and see what extra-curricular activities are on offer at Newcastle. It is a wonderful chance to build your CV and become fully immersed in all aspects of your university life…or in reality go just for the free pizza. And of course to join infamous NUSSC, as everyone else has, because ‘it’s really cool and you get a free t-shirt’.

The Fair is always filled with people waving free stash and pamphlets in your face. Hoards of hungover freshers, straight outta Swingers, move through the sweaty sports hall. Like cattle in a pen, the fresh meet becomes targeted by the cries of ‘join this’ and ‘give us your email’ which echo around the hall. The weaker willed of us inevitably walk away on hundreds of mail lists and pounds rushing out of our bank accounts. We have, therefore, designed a quiz to help you determine which society to join so you can miss all the hassle and enjoy your free pizza in peace.