Newcastle tuition fees to potentially rise above £9,000

They could be at a record-breaking high

Tuition fees at Newcastle could increase above £9000 a term by 2017, a recent survey suggests.

From 2017, universities offering the highest quality of teaching are expected to be given the power to raise their fees in line with inflation. This figure is likely to be £9,250 a term, a 2.8 per cent increase.

Other Russell Group universities are also considering raising their fees, but most have not declared these plans publicly. However, eight indicated that their fees are likely to rise, with two others waiting for the final policy to emerge before they decide. Exeter are raising fees even for their current students.

Newcastle have confirmed in a statement that there will be no rise in tuition fees for current students, but that there is potential for a change in fees from 2017. A Newcastle University spokesperson said: “We will be charging a tuition fee of £9,000 in 2016-17 for UK/EU students.

“Our undergraduate tuition fees for UK/EU students for 2017-18 will be set and published once the Government establishes limits for tuition fees.

“Current UK/EU students who began courses in 2015 or earlier will continue to pay £9,000 for the duration of their degree programme”.