A candle vigil is being held in Newcastle tonight for Orlando victims

It was the most fatal US terrorist attack since 9/11

It’s been described as the worst terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11.

Forty nine people have been confirmed dead after a gunman opened fire in a gay nightclub in the American state of Orlando. J Smith, India Daniels and Hannah Fitzpatrick, Josh Hally-Milne and Gary Spedding, who all study at Newcastle and Northumbria, are organising a vigil tonight to show support to Orlando’s LGBT+ community.

The event is planned to start at 6pm, today, Monday 13th June and will congregate at the Civic Centre.

Organisers told The Tab: “In response to the tragedy of yesterday’s attack in Orlando, Northumbria and Newcastle LGBT+ societies have organised a vigil tonight at 6pm at the civic centre in order to show our support and solidarity to Orlando’s LGBT+ community and to pay our respects and remember the 50 individuals who unfortunately lost their lives and to their families.

“Please come along if you are able to attend to help show your support for this and to our American students in making sure we come together to remember that diversity is something that makes us stronger and that no one should ever be afraid to be who they are! If you have any pride flags or candles you would like to bring along. We’ll also be collecting donations to help support Orlando’s LGBT+ community in this time of need as well.”

The Facebook event also says there will be a small police presence at the vigil keeping an eye on the situation, but they won’t be getting involved.


For more information on tonight’s event email organiser Gary Spedding: [email protected].