Every burger you need to eat in Newcastle right now

Say goodbye to that summer bod


Newcastle is teeming with a vast array of restaurants and chains that serve up quality food – and among them are some of the finest burgers in the country.

Here are the best places in the city to grab yourself one.

Best for experience

Burger Stop


If you fancy a stroll down the iconic Quayside, or you’re after a romantic dinner near the waterfront, Burger Stop is the place for you.

This fine establishment promises locally-sourced burgers served in glazed brioche buns. Succulent pork shoulder, blue cheese and red pepper humus all feature on the  impressive menu.

Aptly, their motto is “Burgers. Beers. Beats.” It’s simple. If you like those things, head to the Burger Stop.

Five Guys Newcastle

Newcastle’s very own Five Guys opened in early May, and it’s one of the best places in the city to get gourmet fast food.

The price might come as a bit of a shock, but if you’re looking for something modern, quick and reasonably unique then Five Guys is the place for you.

Plus the drink machine offers more flavours than you could possibly count.

The Cluny

This place isn’t exactly famous for its burgers. Instead, it’s acclaimed as one of the most impressive music venues in the North East, renowned for its high profile acts and matchless atmosphere.

Still, double-fried chips and locally-sourced meats prove that they definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to burgers. Whether you’re after a classic beef burger, a Mexican bean burger or even a lamb burger, the Cluny will cater.

Best for quality

Fat Hippo

If you’re looking for a burger with undeniable quality, then you must have heard of Fat Hippo by now. And those of you who know about it and have never been, what are you doing with your life?

If you’re a student and you don’t want to travel far, there’s one located in West Jesmond. Its menu is slightly different to the one in town, but if you’re craving two succulent 4oz patties with candy bacon, peanut butter, chorizo or parma ham, then Fat Hippo is the place.

Jam Jar

Another perfect little place for Jesmond students. Opened in 2013, Jam Jar is now a central feature of Osborne Road. This student hotspot is home to six burgers; one of which consists of a 7oz steak patty, crispy bacon, tomato jam and a junk of red Leicester.

Alternatively, a falafel burger and a unique pulled pork burger appropriately named “Cow vs Pig” are also available. If you’re interested in eating at Jam Jar be sure to go on a Tuesday, where two burgers and two sides are available for £14.

The obvious choices

Handmade Burger Co.


If you’re looking for something familiar then this nationwide chain should be your first choice. The Handmade Burger Co. is situated in The Gate, home to Newcastle’s Empire Cinema.

As the name implies, these handmade British beef burgers cater to absolutely everyone. From classic beef, vegetarian and chicken burgers to dirty burgers, pit range and the Yorkies (served in a Yorkshire pudding bun), you definitely won’t be disappointed with your trip to the Company.

Byron Burger


Byron Burger has found a home in the centre of Newcastle. In sight of Grey’s Monument, and less than a minute from Monument station, you can’t miss its eye catching décor.

If you’re new to burgers, or have never ventured past the likes of Handmade Burger Co., then maybe Byron Burger should be your next stop.

The adventurous choices

The Butterfly Cabinet


The Butterfly Cabinet is a warm, welcoming place located on Heaton Road, and it never fails to have a queue of students and locals salivating from its doors. Although its city-wide fame comes through its mouth-watering breakfast food, it also serves burgers that you just can’t help but finish all too quickly.

Take their “The Ron Burgerdy”, for example: bacon, melt-in-the-mouth mozzarella, onion chutney, beef tomato and the chef’s own burger sauce.

The Butterfly Cabinet is one of Newcastle’s most homely places, and it’s a must visit for burger lovers. It’s only open until 5pm though so get there as soon as you can. Alternatively, check it out of Thursday night when it’s open late for burgers and live music.

Town Wall

Town Wall is a pub located within a historically-listed building formerly owned by the artist Thomas Bewick. Again, although Town Wall is not strictly a burger place it doesn’t fall short of quality food.

No doubt its endless selection of draughts, hand-pulled and bottled beers will entice some, but their selection of four burgers is enough to make the rest of our mouth’s water. A lamb and mint sauce burger is available, while a barbeque pork rib covered in juicy beetroot coleslaw is also on offer in the form of a hotdog.

The ones with the offers

Spy Bar


Naturally, everyone’s looking for a deal. So once again, if you’re a student in the Jesmond area then you should definitely consider Spy Bar for a burger.

This original sports bar serves big American burgers with Aberdeen Angus beef that definitely won’t disappoint. A particular favourite is the “Jamaican Burger with Red Stripe”, served with onions, spicy cheese and jerk sauce – the Red Stripe is, of course, obligatory.

Spy Bar will give you 50 per cent off on a Tuesday – so go on Tuesday.

Osborne’s Bar


Spy Bar too busy? Pop across the road to Osborne’s. The atmosphere is similar and it’s just as friendly. One of Jesmond’s most popular bars, Osborne’s is also a location rife with deals.

Make sure to take your student card and ask for a discount on your burger when you go.

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