Piccy Road: Ricky’s best pictures

It’s like Clubbers of the Week, but in a shitty halls

Ricky road. Whether you lived there in first year or just heard about its debaucherous and hedonistic goings on, you will undoubtedly be sad to see that pile of bricks go. So take a stroll with us down Piccy Road, and see what the future generations will not get to experience.

Just a small night

Sums up Ricky in one picture

When Debs made an appearance


Who needs automatic locking?

Merry Rickmas

Great for Londis runs

‘Flatmate pissed me off so I taped his food to his door’

‘Who needs an ensuite, we’ve got a sofa’

When Dexter came to Ricky

Do you wanna build a rick-man?

Open door policy

Bonne chance

Henry loves it

So many adventures

A man ready for any eventuality

You can’t say we aren’t resourceful

Easier access

You got a lighter mate?

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