Best of ‘Spotted: Ricky Road’

Yeah, that one is definitely about you

Ricky has seen some crazy antics over the years. But in 2013, someone had the genius idea of compiling them all on to a Facebook page.

‘Spotted: Ricky Road’ tried to capture as many embarrassing photos and funny stories as it could, as well as including some great block banter. Here are the Tab’s favourites from over the years.

R U big time m8?





Try this after some Frosties


Where do you cook pizza now?


Classic pranking


Odds on?




Sleep all day, party all night



Rowing in Leazes lake?


The hunk of Londis




Shit in a drawer. A shit, in a drawer.


Ice cream weirdo?




Big Macs in Block 8

Fashion tips

Put your shirt on


This article is part of The Tab’s Ricky Road week. If you’ve got any funny stories you’d like to share then message us on our Facebook page.