Sophie Ahmed wins the BNOC Wild Card

She was 1,000 votes ahead of second place


The wild card votes are in and Sophie Ahmed wins first place by a land slide. She managed 1,791 votes – the most votes received by any winner of any group.

Previously coming in 4th in BNOC Group 3 she told The Tab: “I’d accepted failure when I didn’t win the Group 3 round so to have another chance as a Wildcard is really cool and winning it is very unexpected!”

Katy O’Neill came in a respectable second place with 605 votes, previously coming third in Group 3. She won The Tab’s fittest fresher with 40% of the votes last year. Katy said that second place is much better because: “A gold medal would clash with my silver hair and there was no way I would ever get 1791 votes.”

Here are the full results:

[infogram id=”49e095fa-ad7c-4759-acbf-67beefb1d4d2″]