The best stories of Ricky Road

There’s one about an orgy

If there is one halls at Newcastle that has served up at least one incredible story every year, it’s Ricky.

There have been parties bigger than Project X, fights to rival Fury vs. Joshua and there’s even been a few fires. Here are the most dodgy accommodation experiences, funny pranks and stories that only Ricky Road could make.

Sick of the Showers

“This was definitely not a highlight of living in Ricky. We had to live with someone’s blood-ridden chunder in our plumbing system of 2-3 days. It was the most disgusting thing ever. Memories.”

Holly, Block 21, 2012/13

Almost stabbed by a One Night Stand?

“I moved into Ricky September 2015 so am a first year. Two of them went to Tiger and one brought two lads to the block pissed, leaving another one of our friends in Tiger on her own. My other friend came home by herself, and then went in to our flat to find our friend being shagged in the ‘Spoon’ position by some lad, whilst his friend sits down in the living room waiting. I go collect two of our guy friends from another flat so that we can laugh at our friend shagging. We enter the flat to find a cockney lad waiting for his friend to finish shagging, so strike up a conversation. We were talking to him for a bit and asking him normal questions, such as where he went to uni and so on. He suddenly said he didn’t go to uni and, pulled a knife out from behind his back, using it as an object to hit my friend’s bedroom door with. He was screaming at his friend for them to leave. We all hadn’t clocked on that it was a knife until he turned it around so the blade was facing us. I quickly ran out of the room upstairs to my flat to get my phone, leaving my other three friends to calm him down. When I was gone he was waving the knife in my friend’s faces and then eventually handed it over to one of the guys. When I came back down he had left. Then the one that shagged my friend started fighting with my friend over a cigarette while everyone was screaming at him to leave. After he left, we find another knife in my friend’s bedroom. To this day we always laugh at our friend and say: ‘When you almost get stabbed while your friend is getting shagged in the spoons position’. She always kicks off.”

Paige, Block 9, 2015/16


Christian Grey burns down Block 12

“A lad called Christian Grey (yes, seriously) left a wooden chopping board on top of a saucepan full of boiling rice, and went off for a quick nap. The rice he was cooking got so hot that a fire started in the flat B kitchen. The fire started growing so much that the entire flat was destroyed, and the block had to be evacuated. It’s rumoured that he had to take out a bank loan on top of his student loan to pay for the damage caused. Either way, it sums up Ricky that Block 12, despite being almost burnt to the ground, still looks pretty much the same as every other block in the halls.”

Ben, Block 8, 2012/13


The Orgy

“One of the weirdest things that happened whilst I was at Ricky was the ‘orgy’ that happened in Block 21. Some girl sent out this big facebook post advertising some sort of sex party going on at Ricky. I’m pretty sure she told people to bring whips and chains, and was deadly serious that this was not a party, but a sex-fuelled shagging fest. I think some people turned up and it did turn in to more of a party, but there were reports that about 6 people went in to Room 3 for about half an hour. God only  knows what went on in there. Can’t say that this sort of thing would have happened in The View though.”

Stephen, Block 27, 2014/15


The Naked Chef

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

“Early on in freshers, I found that I could fit through the tiny triangular windows of each flat. I could even be hoisted up to the second floor if my tall flatmates could hoist me up. This gave us the idea that after nights out, I would climb in through the window naked and cook something in someone’s flat, whilst my mates were downstairs buzzing the flat I was in to try and get me caught. I used to whip up scrambled egg or fried eggs as these were quickest. Sometimes I would spell out the word ‘NAKED’ on the floor in tomato ketchup, to leave my signature. Luckily, I never got caught, I was too rapid with the frying pan. We also ended up with loads of random crockery in our flat because of this.”

Alex, Block 13, 2014/15


‘Knock and Tsunami’

“The rivalry between Block 8 and Block 3 in 2012/13 was stuff of legend. We had a BB gun battle, plenty of egg fights and lots of general misbehaviour. But my favourite prank was what we liked to call ‘Knock and Tsunami’. We placed a bin full of water outside the block perfectly balanced facing forward on the door. Having held our fingers on all the flat buzzers for several minutes, someone finally buzzed the door open, letting us open the door and flood the block. They never did tell us about how big the damage bill for Flat A’s carpet was, but they were pretty quiet towards us after that masterpiece.”

Alex, Block 8, 2012/13


Short and Sweet

“My flatmate shagged a Northumbria lecturer over one of the bathroom sinks.”

Sarah, Block 9, 2015/16

Snow place like Ricky

“It’s not particularly scandalous, but I remember the first time it snowed when I was in Ricky. Everybody ran outside, all the windows were wide open, someone was playing ‘Let It Go’. Some guy downstairs had never seen snow before. It was just a really beautiful moment.”

Ella, Block 13, 2014/15

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