Here’s why we’ll miss the Castle Leazes shop

It’s the heart and soul of Leazes

Known to all in Castle Leazes the shop is the go-to place. Sadly the Leazes shop is closing at the end of June due to a lack of profit.

For all of us Leazes folk it’s a travesty.  Luckily students will probably save a lot of money (and keep off the Freshers fat).

Known as Rahstle Leazes, our halls really are the top of the top with this splendid shop, now we fear Leazes will fall to mediocrity. Do not fear, the bar will still be open and let’s hope it’s a bit more busy. Here are some of the reasons why the shop simply shouldn’t close. 

No more easy hangover cures

Rolling out of bed on a messy Thursday morning after a night at the Palace all you want is a £3.69 meal deal and a bag of Doritos. There is nothing better than not having to change out of your PJ’s to get your grease fix. Who wants to trek all the way to Londis? And who wants to mix with the Ricky folk that also shop there? We are exclusive…

No more smartie cookies

Walking back from lectures and entering into Leazes, the smell of fresh cookies lingers in the air. Despite your best intention you can’t not go in, for £1.50 how can you say no? Lets hope Leazes bar starts to bake these next year.

A trip to Leazes shop is a social occasion

You can never walk into the shop without seeing a friendly face. Groups gather around the aisles and during exams it gives an excuse for procrastination. Why face reality when you can compare the prices of Leazes and Tesco? That’s productive right?

Baked goods

We are not only mad about the cookies it’s also the sausage rolls, chorizo rolls, steak slices, pizza slices and pulled pork burger. You name it, Leazes shop has it. It’s Greggs and KFC all in one with the popcorn chicken and wedges option.

The mother of Leazes

The shop’s staff member is so Geordie and so fun. Calling everyone pet and flower we love to see her friendly face. She always excuses your purchase of a big chocolate bar a day and comments when your looking particularly nice. She not only feeds us, but she also provides the washing machine tokens to keep us smelling sweet.