Coming soon: ‘Ricky Road Week’

Ricky ’til I die

A very sad day is upon Newcastle University, as the famous Richardson Road Halls is being demolished in favour of new apartment blocks.

Ricky has been the venue for some of the craziest fresher parties, been the source of the most hilarious stories and is renowned for being one of the most sociable halls in Newcastle and possibly the UK.

We want to give rowdy Ricky the best send off possible. ‘Ricky Road Week’, starting next Monday, will be The Tab’s commemoration of the best pictures, stories and mayhem from Old Ricky Roadians, past and present.

There’s a love story to melt all hearts, an ode to the road and even a story about puke coming out of the showers. Classic.

If you’ve got a fond memory or super snap from the halls, send them in to The Tab Newcastle Facebook page or email [email protected].

Remember: the less PG, the better.