James Stringer wins BNOC Group 3

The gap between first and second was 170 votes

Socialite and Charmer, James Stringer claims the final first place in BNOC of the year Group 3 with 21% of the votes.

He gathered a grand total of 762 votes, giving the biggest gap between first and second place of any group. He commented on his victory: “Do I take this seriously? No. Is it fatuous and shallow? Yes. Am I above it all? Absolutely not. They say nice guys finish last… I’ll leave that one up to you.”

Maeve Hanna came in second place with a a respectable 16% of the votes gaining 592 votes, she told The Tab: “I’m so flattered to come second out of such a strong group so thanks to all the fans. But I couldn’t have done this without the girls on my chest. Good luck to the rest of the finalists.”

The Newcastle BNOC of the Year Final is due to take place next week. Rumours of a Wild Card round ahead of next week’s final have been unconfirmed.

Here are rest of the results for Group 3:

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