BNOC of the Year: Group 3

You just want to be them

We’ve already had Group 1 and Group 2, but here’s the largest and final group.

We had over 100 nominations. Here’s a few of the biggest names.

Sam Blackburn & Lucy Stewart

Sam studies: Geography, first year,  Lucy studies: Civil engineering, second year

Sam’s from: Manchester, Lucy’s from: Huddersfield

Reason for being a big name: Drummond puddle couple (#drummondpuddlewatch)

Over a million people lost their shit and watched Drummond Puddle Watch on Periscope. It featured a live stream of large puddle between Jesmond metro and the Robbo. It was trending worldwide on twitter but when the hype died down these two Newcastle students featured in ALL the online papers as Sam carried Lucy over the swamp.

Lucy Morgan

Studies: English Lit, third year

From: Harrogate

Reason for being a big name: Femsoc VP

A name that’s commonly on YikYak, she’s known for speaking out against Roosh V, backing ‘Yes to NUS’ campaign and her involvement in FemSoc. She’s a highly influential student at Newcastle and very involved in Union matters.

James Stringer

Studies: Economics, third year

From: Surrey

Reason for being a big name: Charmer/ Socialite

James Stringer has got the looks, the charm, it just works. With his ‘good boy’ persona he captivates the young women of Newcastle. Needless to say this is an act. He is a ladies man. A charmer. Freestyle dance champ 2k16. A raver. A misbehaver.

Maeve Hanna

Studies: Law, third year

From: Belfast

Reason for being a big name: Freshers’ Week 2016 Organiser

Everyone loves her and literally can’t walk through Jesmond with her cause takes like 2 hours. She’s known for her massive boobs which are 100% real. She also bagged herself a boyfriend at the RAG Take me out show. Every light was left on for her and her pitch was her infamous balloon modelling.

Jordan Scudder

Photo: Max Cooper

Studies: Digital Electronics, second year

From: Hertfordshire

Reason for being a big name: Socialite

He works at homeless shelters, he smashes marathons and has occasionally written for The Tab. He’s president of Electrical Engineering society and secretary of Triathlon Team. You can’t walk through Jesmond without seeing this former fight night contestant. He’s a BNOC through and through.

Linda Phillips

Studies: Biomed, third year

From: Worcester

Reason for being a big name: Student radio presenter

She’s involved in the Union at the student radio. She’s also a Chief in Freshers’ Week 2016. She’s got friends in high places: Best friends with 2nd place BNOC of the Year 2016 George Snape.

Bee Sharp

Studies: Geography, first year

From: Cornwall

Reason for being a big name: Geography socialite

The person that nominated her said she was one of those girls who came to uni and just FLOURISHED. Not only does she do Geography (a very sociable subject) but she’s also lined up to be Social Sec next year for lacrosse. Popular with both students and lecturers, Bee has also managed to cop herself a 4th year boyfriend.

Nick Robinson

Studies: Urban Planning, second year

From: Kent

Reason for being a big name: Absolute charmer

A former rower, this handsome young man can be found anywhere from the VIP of Folie Douce to Panorama Bar. You may recognise Nick from several RAG topless catwalks or maybe just the swingers terrace. Know him or not, he’s a man you won’t quickly forget.

Sophie Ahmed

Studies: English Lit, second year

From: Blackburn

Reason for being a big name: The Courier Music Editor

Works for the Independent, she’s a promoter for Soul Jam, has crazy legs, and is the new Music Editor for (cough) The Courier (cough). Renowned for her legendary 300 second snapchat stories and her involvement in Newcastle Student Radio.

She once managed to pull dressed as dead Edgar Allan Poe on Halloween (she had a moustache on).

The top two winners will go straight through to the final.