What it’s really like to work in a Trebles Bar

It’s blueberry mixer, not bubble-gum

Treble bars are integral to Toon life. Everyone wants to try them and a night out at other unis just isn’t the same without them.

Our nights out revolve around these lethal drinks and whether it’s Soho or Sinners cheap vodka is always a winner. With thousands of students coming in and out of them every night, it seems hectic and stressful. But what is it like to actually work in a treble bar?

I work at Soho Rooms one of the most popular treble bars in Newcastle with around 10,000 students coming through the door a week. It’s busy, it’s fun and it’s definitely the place to be. We are responsible for ultra-blue trebles and Pete, the best bouncer in Newcastle.

People always want to know about the secret and the mystery behind the treble. Yes, it really is vodka and yes, you do really get three shots.

Working at a treble bar is hectic and tiring, but it is also a lot of fun. I can definitely say that at ten o’clock, having been out the night before, I do not always look forward to the night ahead of me. The people working behind the bar are pretty much all students and everyone that I’ve met seems really friendly. Ed, who worked at Beyond Bar last year, commented: “the bar staff were great, there’s a “we’re all in the same shit sinking boat” attitude so you all just get on with each other.”

The people we serve, being mainly students, make the atmosphere a fun one too. It’s always fun when you begin to recognise the locals and the die-hard treble consuming students, yes I know you’re having orange juice as your mixer. The people watching is great and its always amusing seeing your friends pissed when you’re stone cold sober. Just please do not ask me for free trebles!

Someone once said to me: “I mean, I need a job, but even I am not that desperate”. A job is a job and it just so happens that working at Soho Rooms is a good one. It’s pretty chilled and where else can you work that plays Justin Bieber all night long?

It can be intense when the rush of students come in and with so many people behind the bar you have to be careful to dodge each other. It proves sticky work; at the end of the night I sometimes feel like I come away with more treble on my clothes than I poured into glasses.

The hours also work well for students who don’t need much sleep and we finish early enough to join our friends out on the Toon after work. All in all, it’s pretty ideal.

Pouring trebles isn’t an art form, but I definitely feel I’ve gained some valid experiences. Working at Soho Rooms means I love going there more on my nights off and always relish a hard-earned blueberry treble.