Temi Olugenga wins BNOC Group 1

Twelve votes separated second and third

With nearly 30% of the vote, Group 1 of Newcastle’s BNOC of the Year competition is won by DJ and clothing label founder Temi Olugenga.

In second place went to Emma McCormick who is well know for having cleared her overdraft with dontations on a GoFundMe Page.

Temi told The Tab: “I’d like to thank Diego Diaz just so he’s not bitter and I’m feeling pretty chilled! Ahoi!”

Temi appears to be going from strength to strength at the moment, being of the few Freshers to have their own night (at Cosmic Ballroom), his clothing label ‘Virtus’ finding success, and now this!

It’s been a mad few weeks for Emma, who came second, since starting her own GoFundMe page to pay off her overdraft. It reached national attention and raised over half a grand! She’s now on the precipice of gaining national attention again as she makes it to the next round.

Chris must be absolutely gutted to have lost out by such a small margin (twelve votes), this being the second election he’s lost recently. You may be number three here Chris but you’ll always be number one in our hearts #foreveryoung.

[infogram id=”fbf3eebc-e404-42cc-9299-1f89447adddf”]

A huge congratulations to all those that ran in Group 1 for making it this far. There are three groups for the competition and the top two winners will make it to the final next week.

Round 2 will be out tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled!

Here are the rest of the results.