Newcastle students ‘don’t care’ about ethnic minorities says Racial Equality officer

She made the comments following the NUS referendum results

The last student council meeting descended into chaos as one NUSU officer resigned in reaction to the result of the NUS referendum and the Chair was subject to a failed vote of no-confidence. 

Safiya Robinson, who ran unopposed this month for Racial Equality Officer next year, reportedly said that in light of the 67% vote to leave NUS, Newcastle Uni students “don’t care” about ethnic minorities.

Tensions rose further when Safiya Robinson then vowed to resign, saying that as all of her support and funding has come from the NUS, disaffiliation would make her job untenable.

The final meeting of this academic year was described as: “A roller coaster, and not a good one” by casual voting member, Alex Steel.

Asked to defend NUSU’s record with regards to support for the BAME community, NUSU’s Welfare Officer Luke Allison was reportedly stopped from providing an answer by the Chair, Rohan Kon. This prompted Patrick Rosichuck, the Law School Rep to say: “Just because you don’t agree with him, you have to let him speak”.

Student Council rep, Tom Gordon, subsequently submitted a motion of no-confidence against the chair stating: “The Chair frequently acted out of order: starting with lengthy speeches that were not in the order of proceedings, silencing questions from individuals and blatantly contravening the order in which council should be run.” The motion attracted no support from council members.

Student council rep, Tom Gordon, then proposed a motion which would allow every student to vote in future council meetings. This was overwhelmingly rejected by members of the council.

Dean Geddis, first year education student said: “This was my first time and it didn’t leave a good first impression.”