Boom: Future Funk celebrates its first birthday

Let’s get Funking mental

Future Funk is a night known to all in Newcastle. It has become so popular that tickets are like gold dust and sell out in hours. The event takes hold of Digi’s four rooms around twice a term in spectacular fashion. It hosts hoards of students covered in glitter and wavy garms, bopping away to sick tunes and beats, looking oh so funky.

It’s most recent first birthday featured My Nu Leng and awesome amounts of confetti and inflatables.

Despite the line-up not yet being released, their next event, the Summer Carnival, sold out in just four hours. This isn’t really a surprise with the unannounced special guests they’ve had over the past year ranging from Benton to Beesmunt Soundsytem, to most recently the Menendez Brothers. Rumours have begun to circulate about who might be headlining the Summer Carnival, as well as their super cool day party (location yet to be revealed).

With the Summer Carnival on the way and having just had its first year anniversary it is clear Future Funk is going from strength to strength. What then is next? Future Funk’s next steps are expanding beyond Newcastle and new cities are said to be on the horizon. There clearly is a Future in the Funk.

These pictures, from their recent first birthday, sum up why Future Funk is the funkiest event Newcastle has to offer.

Outside entertainment

Hallowed halls

Groovy chic

Ready to drop?

Pure ecstasy

So funk

Confetti mania

Looking funky

Its mineee!

In her element

Cool guys

We are having fun…promise!


Guy on the right stealing all the funk