There has been a power cut on campus

Uni are working to get it fixed

A power cut at around 1pm has caused major disruption to students and staff across campus.

There have been numerous reports of students losing work when computers in the Robinson library switched off, university Wi-Fi is currently still down and several uni buildings remain in the dark.

It is not yet clear what has caused the power failure, and the university are working to solve it.

A dim Students’ Union during the power-cut

A fire-alarm set off by the glitch disrupted students in their 1pm lecture in the Curtis Auditorium and left between 50-60 people outside and the lecture cancelled.

Students frantically preparing for exams in the coming weeks were refused from the Robinson library café for a number of minutes while the lights and till machines were looked at by staff.

It has also been reported that Newcastle Student Radio (NSR) was forced off-air due to the power and that staff have been sent to investigate.

Newcastle University estates tweeted earlier that they were working to get the problems fixed as soon as possible.

They released a statement saying: “There was a brief power surge across campus at c. 13:00 today which has affected access to the network in some areas of the campus. Our network staff are working to restore network access as soon as possible.”

Second year Curtis Gladdon said: “It was so annoying. I just overheard someone said they were withdrawing £20 and it went off.”