Castle Leazes shop to close in June

Londis probably love the news

Staff and students alike are up in arms about the planned closure of Leazes’ most loved convenience store.

Newcastle University have confirmed that due to a lack of profit, the shop will be closed at the end of this academic year.

The Tab has also been made aware of the involvement of the employment union, UNISON, in the situation. They are fighting on behalf of the shop’s staff to have the decision overturned.

One shop staff member, known to some as ‘the mother of Leazes’ said:

“They are saying that the shop isn’t turning a profit, but we know that is not true – the numbers they are quoting to us are different to the ones that we put through the till.

“I had some prospective students being shown around the shop a couple of days ago on an open day and I had to go and tell them that the shop is closing so they will not get the use of it.”

Selling everything from toilet roll and pencils to diet coke and fresh croissants, the shop is a much-loved institution at Castle Leazes.

Despite it not affecting current freshers living in Leazes, many students have voiced their dismay that it is set to close.

A spokesperson for Newcastle University said: “We’ve come to the difficult decision that, since the store is not covering its costs, it will be closing at the end of the academic year.

“The University has actively engaged with Unison to ensure that the best possible outcome for staff is reached.”