‘Hypocritical’ NUSU President accuses NUS of not understanding representation

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The President of Newcastle University Students’ Union, Dom Fearon, has outraged many Newcastle students by hypocritically suggesting the National Union of Students does not understand representation.

In an interview with The Telegraph the President said the NUS: “Do very little to impact the lives of our students in Newcastle” and that students need a “National Union of Students that works for its membership.” He also said there was a desperate need for reform within the NUS.

Despite suggesting the NUS doesn’t represent students, many students believe the President was hypocritical as currently all the sabbatical officers and those due to start in July are white and 82 per cent of students didn’t vote in the NUSU Elections.

Dom Fearon, who was recently voted Newcastle’s least favourite sabbatical officer, made his comments to The Telegraph ahead of a motion being put forward to ballot Newcastle students on whether NUSU should disaffiliate from the NUS.

The Union President’s comments have angered many Newcastle students. NUSU Marginalised Genders Officer Lucy Morgan thought the President’s hypocrisy deserved to be highlighted: “The idea that NUSU should disaffiliate from NUS is so insulting because it shows a complete lack of understanding about how much support NUS offers to liberation campaigns.

“Disaffiliating from NUS will have the worst impact on liberation officers such as myself and would let down the students who need the most support. The idea that the President of Newcastle Students’ Union can accuse NUS of being ‘unrepresentative’ when he is part of an all white sabb team is absolutely beyond me.”

The Tab Newcastle reached out to Dom Fearon directly for a comment but he did not respond