Kate’s Food Challenges: Being the first girl to beat Zapatista’s Belly Buster Challenge

In under 10 minutes

I told myself ‘I wouldn’t do another food challenge for a while’ after having a ‘Fat February’ which slowly progressed into ‘Fat March’.

But after a few weeks of solid healthy eating and exercise, my cravings were coming back with a force.

Many people from Newcastle have asked me whether I had done the Zapatista burrito challenge – so I always knew it had to be one to tick off my list before I graduate in July.

Wearing the sombrero was in the contract haha

This challenge consists of 3 tortilla wraps, 3x meat, 3x beans, 3x rice, 3x cheese and sour cream, salsa etc…. Which sounds fairly doable…

But the catch was – it had to be finished in 10 minutes.

I’ve been improving on my speed challenges over the last few months so I thought I’d give it a good go!

I’ve had burrito’s from Zapatista before so I knew the quality was going to be good at least, even if I didn’t finish it. It was much longer than a burrito challenge I did in Reading back on October 2015.

For meats I forgot about ‘tactics’ and just chose my favourites – chicken and pulled pork. I didn’t care what would be less dense etc, I just wanted to enjoy it. Then with everything else I’m a bit of a wuss and chose mild because anything above a medium Nandos’ and I’m sweating..

Snapchat – @kovens12 ** big thanks to Elliot for being so creative!

When it started, I wasn’t even really thinking about it too much, was simply just enjoying all the different flavours and the atmosphere. My legs and hands couldn’t stop shaking just because I always get nervous that I won’t finish it.

I’d already done about 2 burrito’s in about 4 minutes, so I was making very good progress with my time. I had no issue with heat or anything etc.

Finishing the entire belly buster burrito challenge in 8 minutes 12 seconds!! I had officially become the first girl to have ever finished it! I received a bright orange Zapatista t-shirt and a certificate offering me a free meal for when I next return (which will definitely be soon!)

All in all I kind of wish I didn’t have to rush it and took the chance to sit and enjoy all of the flavours. Definitely a delicious challenge and a doable one – however you’ve got to be ready to chew and swallow fast!