The Warehouse is the best club in the North West

Everyone loves a bit of Warey

Preston may not be on your list of top cities for nightlife in the UK, but it does have an absolute gem. A club so good it makes Ibiza look like Pop World. Warehouse is the best club you’ll ever go to, no matter where you ended up for uni. A night out somewhere else just isn’t the same, and here’s why.

A double vodka Vimto is £2.50

Is there anywhere else you get Vimto on draught? And it’s okay to enjoy a blue VS even if it is exactly the same as the WKD you started drinking at 14 and haven’t moved on from. Plus you’ve got to respect that they only advertise the price of doubles. Single measures are for people who turn their nose up at the Chekov vodka.

Sticky floors

Not what everyone wants in a club, but when you are running between three floors of music the sticky floor might just give you the grip you need to tackle super steep stairs. Although the Warehouse right of passage is to fall over as you run up or down stairs to catch your fave indie tune.

Crazy fancy dress

Wear what you want. Even be a scary Easter Bunny (which doubles as the best disguise for getting in without ID on an Easter weekend). Just keep in mind that alcopops and Vimto are hard to wash out so its better to avoid pastels and whites – don’t go as a cricketer.

There is always a festive gimic

When your Mum decided you were too old for Easter Eggs, who was there with Creme Eggs as you left the club in the early hours of Good Friday? Who brought out balloons and tacky 2016 headbands on NYE? Loveheart glasses on Valentines? Of course, it was Warey. It always makes a great vibe when everyone has their own little freebie.

You know everyone there

Whether they went to your college, primary school or football club you’ll likely recognise most faces. And if you don’t you’ll end up knowing them as people who always go to Warehouse, aka the best people in Preston.

Especially the staff.

From the Warehouse photographer to the guy in the beanie who goes round collecting discarded plastic glasses (will he ever be promoted to behind the bar?), there is always a familiar face.

It’s eclectic 

It’s the only club where you can go from reminiscing your nostalgic emo kid days on one floor to embracing your inner pop princess or Ian Brown on another floor. You can convince the secret Rihanna fan to come out for a Warey Tuesday as easily as the Alex Turner wannabe in every friendship group.

It’s aesthetic

The walls are brick both inside and outside, each dance floor is smaller than your living room and the smoking area vaguely resembled how you might imagine an small outdoor area in a prison- those tall walls aren’t letting anyone out. Yet it’s cosy and always familiar, it’s hard to lose your friends and there are three bars so you never need queue for long.

It’s opposite a Spoons

Preston is the rainiest city in England so you need your pre drink bar close to make sure exposure to Ptown’s weather is minimal. Wetherspoons and Warehouse are virtually opposite each other. Perfect.

It’s in your blood

If you’re Preston born and bred then it’s likely that’s where your Mum, Dad and Auntie spent their youth (although they’d been getting in since they were 15 when queueing to show your provisional wasn’t a thing). They probably call it Raiders though. Retro.

So get yourself on the free guest list, get your preferred vodka mixer and get down to The Warehouse.