Kate’s Food Challenges: 50 chicken wings

This was harder than the 28oz burger

For my final challenge in Newcastle for a little while before the Easter holidays, I thought the best place to set up a challenge would be one of my favourite bars – Sharks Club.

They are known for their tender juicy wings and I was so excited to set up the challenge to be available for Monday 14th and 21st March, giving another ‘Kate’s Food Challenges’ deal to students and locals!

There was no time limit for the challenge, but I aimed to do it as fast as I could because I’m well aware that my walls start to go up around the 20 minute mark.

When they first came out, they looked mouth-wateringly good. I had chosen a mix of some of their flavours – Teriyaki, Golden Shark, Plain and their famous Jack Daniels ( my favs). After my burger challenge win and my terrible Jaffacake challenge fail on Capital FM – I was really keen to win this one.

They tasted even better than I remembered (only a couple of weeks before, but I was drinking), so they were going down well. However, at about 11 in, I knew then it wasn’t going to be as easy as I had hoped.

The burger challenge I did in under 10 minutes, but I had hit the 10 minute mark at around 25 wings… so I really tried to pick up the pace.


Drinking a ‘Canny’ strawberry smoothie and banana smoothie to help me mix up the savoury and sweet tastes, I just kept carrying on – despite the walls going up.

With about 7 wings left, the walls had properly gone up – so I was going purely off the motivation from my friends… ‘just 7 more to go, you’ve got this!’ – don’t think I would have done it off my own willpower.

I finished the challenge in 34 minutes 39 seconds, which I actually thought I would be faster than, but hey ho! Still glad I did it and I really enjoyed it! Now I’m just looking forward to seeing if someone can beat my time 🙂

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