The results are in: Who is Newcastle’s favourite Union officer?

The President lost by a mile

Next year’s officer might have just been elected, but this current batch are still in the job until July.

Over 1,000 of you voted in our poll to find Newcastle’s favourite and least favourite Sabbatical Officer.

Here are the results.

6th, President, Dom Fearon, minus 325

Left swipe: 661 Right Swipe: 336

Total score: -325

He wiped out elections in 2015 with a huge win, but after receiving 661 dislikes and a mere 336 likes this year’s Union President is firmly in last place.


5th, Athletics officer, Angus Taylor, minus 252

Left swipe: 625 Right Swipe: 373

Total score: -252



4th, Editor of the Courier, Victoria Armstrong, minus 242

Left swipe: 619 Right Swipe: 377

Total score: -242

A respectable 377 likes puts the Editor of the Courier in fourth place. Just. This Sabb did surprisingly well considering she’s got the smallest job description of all the officers.


3rd, Welfare and Equalities officer, Luke Allison, minus 159

Left swipe: 577 Right Swipe: 418

Total score: -159

He was so close to second but Newcastle gave Luke Allison, Welfare officer 418 likes. One point less than second place.


2nd, Activities officer, Hannah Goring, minus 157

Left swipe: 576 Right Swipe419

Total score: -157

Those weekly emails to society executives have paid off. She’s a well known name on campus and it’s reflected with 419 likes.


1st, Education officer, Matt Price, minus 154

Left swipe: 574 Right Swipe420

Total score: -154

Contender for BNOC of the Year he’s loved by the masses and adored by Newcastle. Even though Matt Price, Education officer has still got minus points, this Sabb is Newcastle’s favourite. And quite right too.