We asked people their favourite thing about nights out in Newcastle

Most people said cheap drinks

Newcastle is known for its nightlife – it’s the best in the country by far. So we went out on campus to find out what you liked the most about nights out here.

Tom, Chemistry, fourth year

“No matter where you go everyone is always so friendly and acts like they’ve known you forever. Especially on a Wednesday.”

Chloe, Fine Art, second year

“I love that you can just wear whatever you want and you don’t have to get dressed up. It’s not like in Berlin where you can only wear black!”

Lucy, Masters in Town Planning

“Cheap drinks. Many many cheap drinks.”

Lottie, Chemistry, second year

“The variety of cheesy chips on offer. That’s definitely the best part of my night.”

Emily, MLit in Linguistics

“The fact you can get three trebles for a fiver.”

Alice and Lucy, International Marketing, MSC

“My favourite thing is definitely Flares, I once saw a fat old woman doing the splits on the dance floor.”

“I like all the outrageous behaviour, rumour has it Cheryl cole had sex in the TupTup DJ booth before she joined Girls Aloud!”

Jake, History, second year

“I love the mad things the locals do. Last Friday I saw a girl chasing her boyfriend, then she hit him and broke up with him in front of everyone.”

Helen, English lit and creative writing, first year

“My favourite thing is Bierkeller, I love dancing on the tables and watching people fall off them. I also once saw a man dressed as gnome getting with a girl in there. It was pretty weird.”

Lucy, PHD in Archeology

“I love how cheap it is and that you can walk home from everywhere. I also used to really like Digi in first year, I once saw someone getting dragged across the dance floor by their ankle in there…”

Josie and Lucy, English Language, second year

“I love drunk food and the weird stuff that happens in the chip shops. Last Friday in Flame N Grill a random boy came up to me and started taking pictures of me while I was eating my cheesy chips and gravy. No paps please.”

“I love how sassy the girls are. Someone once squeezed my friends bum in Digi, she turned round and slapped the nearest boy to her but unfortunately it was the wrong boy…oops!”