We asked freshers to describe Ricky Road in one word


If you were to ask someone who lives at Ricky what it’s like, they’d probably give you a lengthy description.

Sure, there are naysayers who live in other, more expensive accommodation who have their own view, but it truly is a place that must be experienced in order for it to be understood.

Ricky Road has been described as many things by its residents and those judging from the boring outside. Is it possible to describe such an ambiguous, mysteriously enigmatic place in one word? We asked it’s current residents which word they would use to describe the experience.

Daisy Lee, Civil Engineering


Abi Russell, Law


Josh Cairns, Accounting and Finance


 Bobby Sanderman, Agriculture


Molly Richards, English Language


Cara Bradshaw-King, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies


Lucy Aplin, English Language


Jess King, Philosophy


Evie Rolinson, Geography


Jenny Williams, Politics and Economics