Winkers in South Bucks is officially the ‘most tragic hometown club’

It’s on a farm tbf


Winkers nightclub has been voted the most tragic hometown club in the country.

A recent poll with over 30,000 votes saw the Chalfont St. Peter club take 8 per cent – the largest proportion of any hometown nightclub – with 2,677 votes.

Some have said nowhere screams “hole” quite like Winkers. Referred to as a mecca for the South Bucks social elite, this hometown dive is a sanctuary to bond with your mates on double vodka cokes.

The club, which is famous for its smoking area, £7 bottle of wine on a Thursday and celebrity appearances, has been open for a number decades; claiming its stamp in Bucks’ destination hotspots.

The nightclub is a converted farmhouse and the smoking area is the converted garden. A regular Winkers clubber Nikki Murgatroyd, second year Midwife at Birmingham City, said: “Winkers is basically like a house party with a bar.”

The burger hut, situated in the middle of the smoking area, provides decent burgers at low prices. Vic Richardson, Birmingham university fresher told The Tab: “I once ate a burger at Winkers and it was so good she cried.”