I got a date at Jam Jar by chatting up girls on Tinder using only Bieber lyrics

Is it too late now to say sorry?


I haven’t really ever had much luck on Tinder. I don’t have the silver tongue required to woo girls, and my previous efforts have culminated in little more than a few messages back and forth. 

It was time for me to up my Tinder game. But how? I decided to seek inspiration from the world’s greatest living lothario and purveyor of the highest quality bangers: Justin Bieber. 

I started by giving my Tinder page a bit of a revamp:


With a new profile picture and bio, it was time to put some of Justin’s most famous lines to the test.


Jade was impressed


Emma was baffled

Phillipa was confused

Some people seemed to respond well to my “flirting”. Although others weren’t as kind:

Charlotte was insulted

Jen was cruel

This conversation Francesca was bizarre, but was promising. At least she kept replying, unlike the others. She even seemed interested, so I continued:




And there it was: my first Tinder date of 2016, courtesy of Biebs.

Undeniable evidence that being yourself on Tinder doesn’t work.

She exists