Clash at anti-migrant rally in Newcastle

The crowd cheered when they stepped down from Monument

Another anti-migrant protest took place in Newcastle City Centre today, as two action groups argued at Monument over whether migrants should be allowed into Britain.

They were mainly focusing their argument on the movement of Muslim groups into the United Kingdom.

A group of between 10-15 people who were stood at the base of Monument, holding a banner stating: “#Refugeesnotwelcome WE ARE FULL”.

Activist group “Fight Racism, Fight Imperialism” organised a response to the extremist minority, which attracted a large crowd.

Tensions were high at Monument

James, a spokesman for Fight Racism Fight Imperialism, said: “Today has been organised to demand safe passage into Europe.

“If you look at what is going on at the borders, you can see that essentially it’s a war of human beings demanding a dignified life against imperialist states.

“If you look at what Britain has done now and historically you can see the same trend repeating. Human beings attacked, economically suffocated and being destroyed for profit.”

Twenty police officers were at the scene to ensure there was no violence, and were called in to action when one member of the “We are Full” group aggressively advanced towards the pro-migration group.

There were also claims made by the extremists that “200 million child molesters and paedophiles were Muslims” and therefore shouldn’t be allowed into the country.

They also shouted claims that it was the pro-migration group that were the racists. Fight Racism argued back,  shouting down a microphone: “No one is paying attention to what you are saying”.

The extreme group eventually stepped down

The local crowd backed “Fight Racism, Fight Imperialism”, booing and calling for the extremists to go home.

They cheered as the protest group stepped down from Monument at 2:35pm.

Protesters came from Newcastle, Rochdale and other parts of Yorkshire. The anti-migrant group even brought a English bulldog to the rally as a symbol of Britishness.