Two freshers locked themselves in Digi toilets while it closed

‘We weren’t even shagging’

Two freshers decided to stay in Digital after Cirque’s 4am closure by locking themselves in the loos.

Sebastian and Sophie walked past the security up the stairs whilst everyone else filtered onto the streets, and hid in one of the girls toilets for an hour.

They said: “We weren’t even shagging or anything. We waited in the toilets for the familiar sound of hoovering and voices to disappear for nearly an hour. A woman even came in to collect the bins, and considerately chose to ignore us”

With the dramatic sound of all the power being switched off, they ventured out to get a few drinks and went to the DJ booth and imagined throwing down some mixtapes to a buzzing crowd. “It was a lot smaller than expected, so we finally worked out the Digi layout after many a night there.”

Sebastian and Sophie while they were waiting in the loos

They found a drill with a torch, which was their guiding light around the pitch black club. “We thought about sleeping on the sofas for the night and carry on drinking with some beers, so we would be ready for the next night when it reopened”

They headed back to the bar, and played around with the drinks sprayer – something we all have wanted to do – and contemplated their next move.

They found a cupboard full of expensive champagne and vodka and in doing so, set off an alarm. They said: “We didn’t really want to take anything expensive, but it was more to prove to our friends we actually did it.”

A woman and security man came: “They weren’t angry, but more relieved we weren’t robbers. We explained how they were both Catholic and so would never steal anything.”

The woman and security man questioned them, even asked if they heard the hoovering, and kindly showed them the exit.

When asked if they’d do it again, they said: “We’d definitely recommend it, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was a bit tiring though, you wouldn’t want to try it with more than two people.”

“Our next port of call is Trop or Tup Tup” – apparently there is a hidden bedroom.