Locals called 999 after seeing sports society’s toy guns left on the road

It was from their army fancy dress

Locals called the police this morning about suspected army ammunition on the streets of Jesmond, but it turned out to be from the army sports social. 

Northumbria Police received the call and sent out a police squad to check the suspected area in Jesmond.

They confirmed that it turned out to be plastic toy weapons, dropped by students on the sports social last night.

Sport Society’s including American Football, Lacrosse and Cheerleading were out in force last night at Grey’s Club as part of a change up to the typical Tiger Wednesday.

Matt Timm, 20 Minute Social Sec, got fully involved with the theme: “For one night I genuinely started to consider the army as a suitable career. The journey from 97 and Social to Spy Bar felt like I’d made it out of the trenches into no mans land.”

Adam Sayedi, Swim Team Social Sec, said: “Clearly the resident who phoned the police has forgotten that we live in Jesmond, not America. How they thought that a student has the audacity to wave a gun around Osbourne Road is beyond me.”