Just because I’m from Surrey doesn’t mean I’m a rah

There’s more to us than dungarees and Superstars

I’m from Surrey, and people always assume I’m a certain type of person. 

The general consensus seems to be that those who attended a private school in Surrey epitomise the definition of a posh wanker selling tickets for Cosmic, and this is where people are so, so wrong.

According to the vast majority of people, Surrey-dwellers embody the term “edgy” in every single shape and form, and are incapable of wearing anything that isn’t vintage. How mummy and daddy must weep when they see the thousands of pounds bestowed upon your first-class education resulting in the purchase of that 90s Adidas bomber jacket.

Not a single piece of casual sportswear in sight

An endangered species hidden away in the most obscure areas of Newcastle, some of us from Surrey enjoy downing trebles at Bijoux every Tuesday for Waikiki, being a walking advertisement for MAC make up, and listening to the likes of Drake and Young Money.

Contrary to public opinion, there’s a lot more to us Surrey girls than dungarees and Adidas superstars.

When it comes to stereotyping us Surrey gals, studying an Arts subject doesn’t particularly help in challenging our reputation as epitomizing edgy goddesses either, coupled with the fact that our Surrey accents are jokingly imitated in pronouncing certain words. Will we ever win?

Constantly experiencing an identity crisis

Eventually the verbal abuse bought me to breaking point. My soul heavy with self-loathing, I ventured into the Surrey mecca of Urban Outfitters and purchased my first bomber jacket. I felt re-born.

In an attempt to get in touch with our Surrey roots, nothing screams the name of our county louder than drenching our faces in glitter for Cirque and sporting a bindi on a night out.

Went to Cirque to find myself x

Don’t get too excited though – you’ll never catch me wandering around campus in dungarees.

Honestly, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster attempting to discover my true identity. Many  have hurled the term “rah” at us legit Surrey natives throughout our university experience, prompting the notion that perhaps we must come to terms with being rahs after all, despite our bodycon dresses and heels.

Looks like you can take the girl out of Surrey but you can’t take Surrey out of the girl. #Surreynotsorry