NUSU Elections: Meet the President candidates

Two of them have plans for an NUSU app

It’s that time of year again. Expect to be littered with leaflets as you walk past the Students’ Union.

But we’ve made it easier than ever to make an informed decision about who you should vote for.

Here are the four candidates running for President of Newcastle University Students’ Union.

Jack Paisley

Studies: Ancient History

He’s been involved in:

  • The Hockey club for three years and is currently the 1st XI captain.
  • Jack is a Student Ambassador as well in his spare time and is involved in promoting our university in videos on the website and in person on open days.

Jack’s manifesto in five points:

  1. Jack wants there to be an app for you all to buy and sell items in and around uni.
  2. A push for anti-stress activities (not just during exam time!). This would include PUPPY days.
  3. Focus on promoting the social side of Men’s Bar more.
  4. Day time quizzes and activities to help you unwind between lectures around the SU.
  5. He wants to continue the push on housing to help everyone find affordable deals for housing around The Toon.


Saffron Kershaw-Mee

Studies: Media and English Literature

Saffron’s been involved in:

  • The Newcastle Students Union and is the Activities Assistant.
  • Promo. They run the events Give it A Go and Go Play.
  • Saffron is the secretary and founder of Chapter Chat, a book lovers club. They are also the Secretary of the FilmSoc as well as being the former social media officer of FemSoc.
  • They represent Jesmond as Community Officer as well as previously repping the Combined Honours Degrees as a student rep.
  • Volunteering at the Mind the Gap conference as well as the LGBT awareness week.

Saffron’s manifesto in five points:

  1. Student spotlighting: NUSU World week 2017 as well as more of a highlight on international themed events. SU facilities will be easier to book for societies and provide a platform for students to exhibit their talents.
  2. Development of an the NUSUpdate App: this will be to help with event reminders and to help you have a newsfeed/notifications tailored to you and what you want to see. All student officers will also be required to take part in a 1-2-1 student meeting session of time.
  3. Local community representation. 80% of you want to be involved in community outreach.
  4. The Union will represent all view points especially the marginalised such as working class, mature or post-grad.
  5. The University only recognises two genders, Saffron will ensure that gender identity is viewed as a spectrum and will make words such as non-binary or agender be part of it.


Jack Taylor

Studies: History, Classics & Archaeology

He’s been involved in:

  • Jack has been the President of an Athletic Union Club.
  • He’s also been on the Athletic Union Executive Council.

Jack’s manifesto in five points:

  1. Jack wants to make YOUR university experience more affordable. As he has been receiving student grants for 3 years he has first hand experience of how needed they are. He will campaign to have them reinstated. This also includes campaigning for cheaper halls.
  2. Working with the Athletic Union Officer to get rid of compulsory lectures/seminars on Wednesdays to promote sport.
  3. You will receive more support in regards to campaigns to do with current affairs eg. the recent junior doctor’s strike. There’ll be more platforms for people to speak under Jack.
  4. The library will be made more student friendly with incentives such as microwaves, extra locker space or free tea during exam periods.
  5. Jack realised the importance of student wellbeing and mental health issues and wants to have this more promoted on campus so those affected know they do not stand alone.


Chris Young

Studies: Geography, Politics and Sociology

He’s been involved in:

  • Elected Head of Sport of Newcastle Student Radio (NSR) 2014/2015 and won ‘Best Newcomer’ 2013/2014.
  • Course representative individual since 2013.
  • Football for the Combined Honours team.
  • Crew member of RAG 2016.
  • Green Week participant for 2016.
  • Chris has also studied abroad in Canada on exchange.

His manifesto in five points:

  1. Chris is a lover of the planet – he wants to see the University become Greener and focus on sustainability as a way forward.
  2. He will make all the NUSU accounts public so you really see where your tuition fee money is being spent. There will also be Presidential ‘Open Hours’ so anyone can come and speak to the NUSU President.
  3. Oversee the creation of a Facebook exchange to help you all trade textbooks to help save you money as we all know how expensive textbooks are.
  4. There will be a strong focus on sport. This will include transport for fixtures, venues for meetings and broadcasting the sports results on SU televisions.
  5. Chris will improve the selection of food at the various EAT@NEWCASTLE food outlets. He will see more vegetarian options added as well as extra venues such as in the Robbo Library.

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