Soho call for criminal who smashed their window

He was caught on CCTV

Our beloved pre bar is on the lookout for the boy who vandalised their window last night.

Last night a boy in a red/orange jacket drunkenly stumbled out and in an angry rage punched the left side window causing the glass to splinter.

The whole event was captured  on CCTV and Soho Rooms are asking the gentlemen to come forward and settle the damage they have caused, meanwhile police are searching for the culprit.

Their Facebook page said: “Dude was this you with red / orange jacket, we are giving you the option to come forward and settle the damage you have caused to our window.

“I am back to work tonight and will get to the bottom of this by 23:00. Police are already looking for you.”

When speaking to Soho Rooms they said “We never experienced behaviour of this type from any of our customers in the 3 years we have been open, we get literally thousands of students using our venue every week and vandalism is not something we are used to”.

Zaf the managing director at the venue also expressed concern for the culprits well being as he will have hurt or broken his hand.

If anyone knows anything about the incident Soho rooms urge them to come forward and sort the situation out.